Greenhouse Gas Buck Passing - Draft- Audio

Buck passing means to give someone else responsibility for a task. That's what each generation does when it passes on greenhouse gases to future generations, buck passing. It's a sign of social and cultural derangement because it's one part of a planned attempt to live high while passing on the consequences of environmental degradation worldwide.

Buck passing the consequences of increased release of carbon dioxide, CO2, into the atmosphere now creates the greatest environmental risk to future generations.

Only China produces more CO2 than the Unites States, but the US generates more carbon dioxide per capita than any other nation; if that isn't enough, our government decided to deny climate science and global warming. This policy is known as the "great derangement" and threatens the pulse of Earth's life forms. (Recommended academic video for a look at global warming damage to life on Earth) (hear censoring science - - Ian Masters)

Compare US climate policy with the 2008 Ecuadorian Constitution, which included "The Rights of Nature" to its policy on fossil fuel extraction. (See Our Children's Trust.)

So we might have reduced or even stopped apocalyptic outcomes for future generations had we received relevant education and material support much earlier, like when President Johnson warned us in 1965. Instead, we get US Government climate denial and fossil fuel industry deception and misinformation.

It's the power of carbon dioxide added to Earth's atmosphere that gives this question an intergenerational meaning. Carbon dioxide (CO2) remains in the atmosphere for 200 to 300 years; roughly 25% of the carbon dioxide we add to the atmosphere may remain for up to 1,000 years.

As a result, our great, great grandchildren will pass the buck for our CO2 warming to Earth's atmosphere; their CO2 joins escalating human caused global warming. Short of a technological miracle or Devine intervention, this process may continue for far too long (How long will it last?). See this 1978 document (PDF), top of page 2:

"There is no doubt that increases in fossil fuel usage and decreases in forest cover are aggravating the potential problem of increased CO2 in the atmosphere. Technology exists to remove CO2 from stack gases but removal of only 50% of the CO2 would double the cost of power generation ."

And now, we locked future generations into fewer options. Most likely, the wealthy's needs and wants will continue as synonymous consumer choices as they continue on Easy Street. The buck then passes.

American poor will also continue on Easy Street, but not on the sunny side of the street; still, both rich and poor will pass the buck.

Internationally, the wealthy nations will pass the buck to poor nations; the US will continue adding magnitudes more CO2 to the atmosphere than poor nations. Then moral corruption in this relationship will justify environmental degradation to overcome "unforeseen challenges." Then "survival demands" will justify liquidation of habitat. A "grow or die" ethic with roots in Exxon's climate deception will drive this genocidal logic.

Liberal Democracy Not in The Cards

And let's not get the idea that liberal democracy (Tony Blair climate change speech) has a lifeline in the swelling Citizens United and growing oligarchy influences. As a result, intergenerational buck passing will lead future generations to ditch liberal democracy as quickly as we might drop a hot frying pan.

Put another way, if the fossil fuel industry and US politicians can deceive the world's population as did Adolph Hitler, any evil becomes possible; any horrific outcomes become possible. Compare the fossil fuel industry's outcomes and Hitler's outcomes, for example. Hitler's outcomes were readily perceptible as genocide; the fossil fuel industry's outcomes remain imperceptible but for an environmental apocalypse. A thousand year reign of climate destruction follows as if Hitler's thousand year rheich prevailed.

We should expect climate deceivers to continue using distraction, complacency, unreasonable doubt, pandering, and hypocrisy between rich and poor nations; an illusion of progress created by mass media in the name of fairness and balance will continue to mystify populations as wild nature and human rights crumble. (See Merchant's of Doubt)

Evidence Based Science

We would do well by sharing this piece of information: science works by observation, finding evidence, and peer review of findings; peer reviewers review, summarize, and critique science findings. Journalists and news stations use a courtroom approach between two opposing parties. Science does not work by these points of view, but by evidence and grades of least likely, likely, most likely, and probabilities. Once a science researcher's evidence passes critical peer review than it moves forward. So science follows evidence and not a Yen-and-Yang or opposing viewpoints. Science information is about reproducible evidence then, not who shouts loudest or owns more news outlets.

Unfortunately at this moment evidence based science remains in the backseat of climate policy. As a consequence denial and profiteering will necessarily stir generations toward the necessity of buck passing and moral corruption. The "lesser of two evils" then becomes a standard choice for future generations as they pass the buck.

Moral Corruption

Moral corruption will trump the needs of Earth's many species-populations. So again, it's only within intergenerational buck passing that we can answer the question, "How much time is there?".

For more, see A Perfect Moral Storm, The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change, Stephen M. Gardiner; it's so ironic that Rex Tillerson became the United States Secretary of State. You can't make up this stuff, to use an overused cliche.

To understand this moral storm we need to do our homework. We need to draw our own conclusions, learn to learn. As we learn we begin to understand the"deniers." We see they're way beyond skepticism and shun facts; history teaches us that previous generation's of science deniers preferred to think with ideology rather than science facts; history tells us there's no inoculation for such deniers closed minds.

So optimism at this point is delusional. We know that the oceans rise as the Earth's poles warm faster than predicted; deniers cannot deny worldwide glacier melt. We also know that future generations must expect mass migration by human beings as well a species-populations. Future generations need more than walls.

Humanity will know which nation needlessly chose to add carbon dioxide to Earth's CO2 density and then denied climate science's warnings. They will learn our history and know that at the national level, United States politicians and select religious groups blew smoke, misinformed the public. Humanity will know which nation ignored opportunities to halt species-populations' extinctions.

Recall the denial around human immunodeficiency (HIV), which the president of the United States and select religious leaders promoted: "It's the homosexuals!" This behavior from on-high caused and causes terrible deaths. Now we have a plague on our hands and so will future generations.

But, what else should we expect? Our government sat back and allowed the tobacco industry to transmit worldwide denial and propaganda for narrow corporate interests. "Fair and balanced reporting" was given "fair" time over-against medical science. Cherry picked data received "equal time" with evidence based science like today; the tobacco industry created doubt like the fossil fuel industry creates doubt.

Now we have generations addicted to nicotine even though they've been forewarned. They at least had, have, a choice; future generations do not. (Today we allow Lemar Smith power to attack climate science from the United States Government's most powerful science chair.) So how can we trust our government?

Such examples also show us the power of consumerism's propaganda, denial, and addiction if little else. So it's hard to be optimistic when we know that corporations and our government allows for, even perpetrate ignorance to benefit narrow interest groups, like the fossil fuel industry. Meanwhile, the future prospects of individuals and nations as well as species-populations grow more threatened. Intergenerational buck passing must follow. We leave them fewer options every day that we delay.

So "how long do we, they have?" is answered in many ways.

Duck and Cover (YouTube)

At 70 years old a person has as long as they have left to remain on Easy Street. There's plenty of food, water, and shelter for American baby boomers; they may transition from a life with their wants and needs fulfilled nicely. And "justly so," we might think. It would seem that they paid their dues by learning to "duck and cover" well in grade school. They were taught to fear the bomb. Now they pass the bomb to future generations like a baton handed from one runner to another. (What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?)

We know too that for reasons beyond science, the human mind would soon drive this fear deep within their subconscious. They came to "sublimate" their fear of the bomb and nuclear annihilation. But that's not all they did.

They learned to live with radioactive waste and passed this fearlessness to future generations while enjoying life on Easy Street. Rather than fear and loathe the idea of contaminating the Earth for thousands of years, they learned to bask in its delights.

Remember that RV bumper sticker not so far back, "We're spending our children's inheritance"? It was closer to the truth than we can imagine. Meanwhile radio active waste continues to increase on Earth. And baby boomers pass on the myth of technological fixes for both social and environmental disasters. Instead, they ought to promote science education, personal and social responsibility, and long-term prison sentences for political misconduct. They do not. They help elect anti-science politicians and support commercial media serving a climate denial political party.

So again, there's no simple answer to the big question, "How much time is there?"

Answers must be relative. Time for what? Time to turn the clock back and reduce human caused carbon dioxide density in the atmosphere? Time to save species-populations in the wild from human encroachment and human induced global warming? There are no clear answers. Questions only raise more questions because the Earth became a laboratory. Worse, we don't even know all the questions to ask and neither will future generations.

We helped create a wicked environmental problem and denied it. Each generation must learn helpful questions to ask as our behavior destroys their future prospects.

"At what point does common decency enter a generation's decision to pass the buck for environmental degradation?" we ought to ask. We must ask, "Where's the deniers' scientific evidence based science?"

And when do we start passing the baton for environmental wisdom and sustainability to future generations?

Geoengineering (Manipulating the Earth's environments on a global scale)

Like it or not, science can now demonstrate that since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution human behavior begot geoengineering by adding CO2 to the atmosphere. Unforeseen consequences of techno-science have changed the Earth's atmosphere and oceans as a result; this is fact, a proven fact time after time. If there was real debate, it's within climate science literature. We created "spaceship Earth." This leads us to wonder what became of being stewards to the Earth.

Ruling elites in rich nations will control environments in this closed system we call "Earth." Of course, because global warming creates wicked problems, this notion of "control" has limits and remains a problem producing technology as well.

We should expect wealthy nations to apply geoengineering for their benefit at the expense of poor nations as climate science becomes better developed. Call this "welfare" environmentalism or "imperialism," it's morally indefensible. Expect cloud seeding to enhance rainfall for replacing drought tolerant indigenous vegetation for water hungry "cash crops" . Poor nations ruled by oligarchs and small groups of elites friendly to rich nations will ensure a docile population follows species-populations' habitat destruction.

There's much more to come from the domineering nations as they broach moral expectations. For example, each generation will use "lesser evil" arguments to rationalize passing the buck while rationalizing the demands of geoengineering, while rationalizing their "adaption needs."

The Seventh Generation

By the 1980s small groups of United States residents began to learn and use the phrase "seventh generation" as a reminder that we pass the present to the future. The use of this phrase did not catch on in the general population. As a result, it appears, we have no useful shorthand utterances to signify the needs of future generations, human and nonhuman.

To compound this gap in the English language as well as other languages, we fostered the growth of a politics of ignorance and deceit.

Recall the 2016 Republican Party's presidential campaigners. Each one ignored the Industrial Revolution's part in raising carbon dioxide on Earth to over 4 parts per million (ppm). This I call "buck passing for personal gain."

We should also recall how the 2000 presidential campaign brought our attention to our role in causing global warming; yet, it soon disappeared.

Why? Because fossil fuel climate deceivers have power over US Government policies, that's why. So the 2016 Republican Party simply continued to pass the buck from the 2000 presidential race (Bush Kills Global Warming Treaty), which is what the Democratic Party did in 2012. Yes, buck passing.

They get away with their deceptive practices because we prefer not to think about human caused global warming. We accept commercial media pundits' denial. So hand-in-hand with some deceiving politicians, the American population grows less informed. (return)

We should be passing on education rather than nuclear waste and climate change denial. Why do we wait?


Eddie Evans




Climate Modeling

Paraphrasing, you "can do all the climate modeling you want and you can do all the vegetation modeling you want, but it's never going to pick up the sensitivities that exist between species, which makes entire ecosystems vulnerable; so anything you get from climate modeling vegetation is basically going to underestimate the impacts that are likely to come."

Species-Populations Facts in the context of human caused climate change

  • Landscape is human dominated and habitat is fragmented
  • Species don't move together
  • Change will not be linear or gradual
  • Systems change

Professor Thomas Lovejoy (March 2017)


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Typically we find intergenerational, environmental buck-passing takes any or all of the following forms:

Distraction • Complacency • Selective attention • Unreasonable doubt • Delusion • Pandering • Hypocrisy


(See National Climate Center pages related to climate change (audio); ask yourself how much greenhouse gas we can release without causing changes to Earth's atmosphere. Perhaps you believe that we can release any amount of airborne gas into the atmosphere without causing changes to the Earth's climate.) eddie evans